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Why Rightside is a Good Long-Term Investment

In a previous article (click here) I wrote about some of the challenges that I believed that the publicly listed company, Rightside, was facing in the short-term. In particular, I explored the registry business as a reflection of the entire new gTLD space.

Now let’s take a look at the Rightside registry, now from a quarterly targets perspective but from a more long-term point of view. If the business unit can sustain the most recent quarter on quarter growth rate of 26% then in the long-term the registry business will just print money.

As the following chart shows, a consistent 26% growth rate will mean the registry business will eclipse the registrar business and leave it behind. At the end of 2018 (which is only just over 3 years away) the business will be doing around $50m per quarter.

Rightside Registry

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Saturday Musings - Choose Life

Each morning Roselyn and I wake up to the beautiful sounds of a family of magpies warbling their very unique song in our garden. The mother and father hunt out worms for the juvenile that tags along behind them constantly needing to be fed. It’s a beautiful sight to see a family enjoying life and living in peace.

I then contrast this to the mayhem and destruction in Syria, Paris, Lebanon and now Mali. My heart goes out to the families and friends that lost loved ones in any of the terrorist incidents. I was so inspired by the story of a Parisian husband that had lost his wife and in his grief he made the decision to not rise up in hatred against his wife's killers. What an inspiration to be admired and also aspire to.

So why is it that so much terror against innocents is being justified as the answer to improving the lives of the perpetrators? How is it that death has triumphed over life as the solution to happiness?

There’s only one answer and the butler, Alfred, in the Batman franchise of movies summed it up by saying, “Some people just want to see the world burn.”

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New gTLDs - It's not if, it's when

A number of domain owners have come to the misconception that I don’t believe in the new gTLDs. This couldn’t be further from the truth! What I’m wrestling with is the when not the if the new gTLDs take-off.

In the last 12 months there has been a lot of growth off a small base with the new gTLDs. According to ntldstats the numbers have grown from around 3.6m to just over 10m so far this year. This is around 270% growth this year (off a small number compared to the incumbents) and pretty good when you consider it wasn’t long ago when there were none. Yes, I know these numbers have to be taken with a grain of salt.....but let's ignore that for the time being.

The number one problem for the new gTLDs isn’t the initial flurry of sales and trying to hit yet another quarterly target. The problem is getting accepted by society as a means to navigate the Internet. Most people have been scripted to automatically type in .com or their ccTLD extension. To change this behaviour is going to take time.

You also can’t compare the new gTLDs to the early days of .com. They’re completely different. When .com was released, it and a handful of other extensions were all that you could get. It was a case of a limited supply and a massive latent demand fueled by billions of dollars of investor funds and media hype.

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The Rightside Challenge and the New gTLDs

Rightside, a publicly traded registrar/registry, released their quarterly earnings statement this past week and it made really interesting reading. What I found fascinating was the picture that was being played out in the domain sales space and how it reflected on the new gTLDs.

Rightside Share Price

The Rightside share price (chart above) has suffered at the hands of investors as they struggled to come to grips with the new gTLD phenomenon. The slide down from a height of $15.85 per share as ICANN dragged its feet was momentarily bolstered by the April quarter results from actual release of a number of extensions. Right now, investors are still wrestling with the potential financial windfall from new gTLDs as the share price now languishes at $7.63.

It’s difficult for any business to try and communicate to all of the stakeholders the benefits of a strategy that may suddenly have an extended time horizon. This looks to be the case with the capital markets, Rightside and the new gTLDs…..but is there a glimmer of sunshine coming through the cloudy sky? Let’s begin to unpack this…

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Saturday Musings - The Importance of Family

I’ve been married for 28 years to Roselyn, she’s the most wonderful lady in the world. In fact, she plans to be at NamesCon this January to meet many of my domaining friends so be on the lookout for her! I’m blessed with three children, Tim and Sarah are in their early twenties and Elise just turned seventeen.

I was up really late last night finishing an analysis on the publically traded registrar/registry company, Rightside, for a future blog post. It seemed only moments later that I had to get up early to go and see Elise play in her netball final.

Sadly, Elise lost her final but in my eyes she won the whole game. Despite being really sick this past couple of weeks and just coming through her final exams she put her heart and soul into the game and did the best she possibly could. I was a really proud father….regardless of the score.

Sarah is coming to the end of her course in specialist make-up (for movies and television) while maintaining a pretty full-on part-time job selling streetwear clothing. She’s killing her sales targets and is now one of the key members of the sales team.

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